Kagool continues international growth

Coventry-based software and services company Kagool has continued its expansion strategy by opening new offices in Singapore.

Kagool has developed bespoke technology that seamlessly integrates defined data sets to the cloud delivering real-time actionable insights, with time-to-value measured in weeks instead of months.

Dan Barlow, CEO, said: “Enterprises are really starting to embrace the benefits of cloud Data Platforms as part of an overarching Data Modernisation Strategy. This is helping them become more agile, quickly add in new channels and services such as IOT, mobile enablement, Chatbots and also gain much better insights on their datasets through AI, data science and leading visualisation tools such as PowerBI.

“Systems and tools are only part of the solution, there is a need for people and process changes to mobilise effective data governance processes, ensuring clean, complete and accurate data flows around the systems for maximum results. Our amazing team of global consultants support complex enterprises with all of the above, no matter where they are on the data maturity curve.”