Hybrid vehicles provide EV gateway

New data show drivers of hybrid vehicles are most likely to look to change to an EV. The study from automotive eCommerce expert drivvn highlights the changing buying behaviour of drivers.

Hybrid drivers accounted for 46% of all users of EV comparator tools, while petrol vehicle drivers were the second-largest users with 28%. Current EV owners were 19% of visits and diesel with 7%.

The data examined over 119,000 visits to the comparator tools and points to the changing behaviour of buyers as they move to EVs accelerates.

Peter Brown, CEO of drivvn, said: “The online purchase process provides a wealth of information for OEMs and dealers that can be used to support buyers and drive efficiencies through the marketing process.

“Drivers of hybrid vehicles accounted for the vast majority of users of our comparator tools. It suggests that information and offers on EV models should be targeted at this group more closely. Information is key in supporting changes in consumer behaviour.”