Grove Group launches Integrum Health Check

Grove Group has launched the latest addition to its suite of digital solutions, Integrum Health Check.

Integrum Health Check is one of four digital solutions developed by the group to help bodyshops maximise potential, increase efficiency, and grow profitability.

Integrum Health Check performs thorough checks on the performance of bodyshops by analysing business data covering a range of key matrix areas. This analysis measures current performance against possible future performance and highlights the growth possibilities of the business. It not only highlights growth possibilities in bodyshops but helps its field-based team identify any problems and offer further solutions.

Jamie Miles, director of Miles Better Vehicle Solutions, said: “The Integrum Health Check tool on Grove’s Integrum system is proving to be an invaluable financial tool for monitoring my operational costs, targets, and profits. The most impact it has had on my business is helping to increase the estimated conversion rates by detecting they were low, which led us to take action to rectify this. I don’t know any paint suppliers that have systems in place to reduce bodyshop costs that are as good as this. It has been easily accessible, easy to onboard, and less time-consuming as all the information I need is laid out in one system.”

Jonathan Staggs, JS Coachworks’ director, said: “Achieving maximum productivity and business growth is one of the many goals of my company. Grove Group’s Integrum Health Check system is helping me achieve this. This system has been able to analyse and identify areas for improvement within my business, areas where I need to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase profitability. My business’ productivity has definitely improved since its usage, and I’m really impressed by its effectiveness.”

Grove Group managing director Graham Sutcliffe added: “With the continual turbulence in the marketplace caused by Covid, Brexit, staff shortages, parts shortages, increasing costs, the life of a crash repair workshop owner has never been more difficult. Integrum health check is helping our bodyshop owners focus in specific areas of the business which, when attended to, will increase profitability and reduce stress levels.”