Fix Auto Dagenham celebrates PAS 2060

Fix Auto Dagenham is the latest Fix Auto UK franchise partner to be classed as fully carbon neutral operationally.

Commercial director Paul Cunningham and his team have successfully managed to achieve the goal of being completely carbon neutral after working through a raft of measures and completing a significant investment in new equipment to meet the guidelines outlined by the PAS 2060 specification.

Cunningham said: “I’ve heard it said before how repair centres aren’t the most environmentally friendly businesses, but, like others in the industry, we have followed the correct path and guidelines to ensure Fix Auto Dagenham meets the right criteria so we can meet the official requirements our industry expects.”

He added: “While we have invested in a couple of areas of business, in all reality, when we investigated just what needed to be done to achieve our PAS 2060 status, I am extremely proud to say, and this is largely down to the constant investments we make in equipment, training and working practices, we really were well on our way of reaching the relevant standards and we can now class ourselves among the relatively small group of repairers in the UK who operate to a fully carbon neutral status.”