Electricity costs slows EV switch

New data has revealed that the number of drivers planning to make the switch to electric has jumped in the last year.

A study for Kwik Fit found that 42% of those planning to change their car expect their next vehicle to be a low emission model – either hybrid or fully electric.

This is a significant increase on a year ago, when 37% said they planned to switch to a hybrid or EV. In contrast, 34% of those planning to change their car said they will opt for a petrol or diesel next time, with 24% saying they don’t know.

The figures indicate that in the last year, approximately 800,000 additional drivers have decided that they will opt for a low emissions vehicle for their next car.

However, of those unwilling to change the biggest factors putting them off is the rise in electricity costs, cited by 39%

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “It’s clear that after reaching a tipping point last year when for the first time, more people told us that they were going to buy electric than ICE, the trend has continued.  It’s understandable that the rise in electricity costs has caused concern among some drivers, but EVs remain much cheaper to run and the long term direction of travel is clear.  Industry and government must work together to ensure that drives have the confidence to make the switch.

“However, it’s obvious that the car parc of the UK will be a mix of ICE hybrid and EVs for many years to come, so it’s vital that drivers are supported in making sure their car runs as efficiently as possible, whatever type of fuel it uses.”