Dealers turn to tech to cut costs

Dealers are increasingly looking at technology to help manage the rising cost of business.

This is according to data from MAD Devs, which has reached a milestone of 800 dealerships in record time as management teams look to reduce operating costs.

The company has seen high-profile dealers join its platforms, including Caffyns, Jacksons, Ray Chapman Motors, TJ Vickers, JT Hughes and Riverside Motor Group.

David Boyce, CEO at MAD Devs, said: “Dealers are facing a myriad of challenges from rising energy costs to staff shortages and supply chain issues. We work with our dealers to ensure they understand and optimise the cost and efficiency savings available to them from digital transformation. It’s about working smarter, not harder, to deliver a better customer experience, which in turn drives revenues across their business.”

MAD Devs operates iStoreDOCS, a document storage platform and iTrackLEADS, which helps dealers respond, allocate and measure sales enquiries. It also launched iConnect, which connects dealers with their customers post-sale and maintains a connection over the ownership of the vehicle.

Boyce concluded: “The retail landscape is undergoing an omnichannel shift. When buying a car, it’s estimated the average consumer has around 900 distinct touchpoints that span websites, advertising, CRM systems, and in-showroom technology. We are building the tools and continuing to innovate to ensure dealers can manage this data effectively to operate more efficiently.”