cap hpi launches new imagery tool

cap hpi has introduced a new digital vehicle imagery tool to partner with its new vehicle data that it claims will help businesses increase online conversions.

This new imagery tool allows cap hpi to offer all manufacturer colours for all cars and vans with the ability to ultimately offer exact trims levels, removing the inconsistencies and gaps currently experienced.

John Dennis, sales director for cap hpi, said: “For customers today, the quality of the information they see is as important as the technology being used. With this new capability, any business selling new vehicles now has a more accurate, professional, and brand compliant image to accompany the new vehicle specification for their website. We believe customers now have more incentive to press that ‘buy’ button.

“We are delivering cutting-edge, customer-first enhancements that I believe will provide customers with a powerful online experience of their ‘new’ vehicle purchase decision.”

Martijn Versteegen, CTO of Imagin Studios, which partnered in the development of the solution, said: “Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable and willing to make big ticket purchases purely online, it’s convenient and increasingly easy to use. Case studies show a doubling, and in some cases a tripling of online conversions when businesses apply accurate and professional vehicle imagery to their website and digital channels.”