BVRLA welcomes grant extension

The BVRLA has welcomed the announcement that availability of the Plug in Van Grant has been confirmed for an additional two years.

BVRLA director of corporate affairs, Toby Poston said: “This good news comes at the perfect time for the fleet industry as it struggles with rising operating costs and global shortage of electric vans.

“The two-year extension on the grant will enable van operators to plan their fleet upgrades with greater confidence. This prolonged van grant was a key pillar of the ‘Van Plan’ that the BVRLA launched last year and we are delighted that the government has responded to our campaign.

“The electric van market continues to lag behind the electric car market and next year was not the time to remove this vital grant. As the funds available to support the transition to zero emission diminish, we support the government’s pragmatic steps to focus on sectors that need the most help in the build up to the 2030 phase-out.”

The BVRLA has also welcomed clarification on the continued ability of Class B licence holders to drive heavier electric vans up to 4.25 tonnes.