Ben marks World Mental Health Day

Automotive charity Ben has revealed that 50% of people working in the automotive industry are suffering with mental health issues.

These include worry, stress, anxiety, low mood or depression, as well as loneliness.

It says the impact of a global pandemic and the impending cost-of-living crisis, not to mention the significant changes that are taking place in the automotive industry – a global parts shortage, the shift to EV from combustion engines, the transition to digital rather than in-person customer communications – are all taking their toll on the automotive community.

Now, to mark World Mental Health Day, it has reminded the industry of the full range of services it offers to those in need and encouraged anyone who is struggling to take the step and get in touch.

Rachel Clift, health and wellbeing director at Ben, said: “One free and confidential chat with Ben could help you to get back on track – we can connect you with the best tools and services that are tailored to help you to overcome whatever it is you’re facing. Whether it’s signing up to a SilverCloud (CBT) programme, counselling or talking therapies, life coaching or financial assistance, we have a range of services and support designed to empower people to improve their circumstances and face life’s challenges with hope and positivity.

“Everyone deserves to live their best life, and this shouldn’t be something that is brushed under the carpet. Problems that are bottled up can escalate and end up in a state of crisis, so we always recommend sharing your worries with a trusted, friend, colleague or family member – or with us via our free and confidential helpline. Why not make World Mental Health Day the day you decide to prioritise your mental health – the first day in the next chapter of your life – and take the opportunity to make a positive change.”