Ben backs World Suicide Prevention Day

Automotive charity Ben has pledged support for World Suicide Prevention Day, which will take place on 10 September.

The day is driven by the World Health Organisation and supported by charities and organisations across the globe.

In the UK, suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45, with 12 men taking their own lives each day, while 75% of all deaths by suicide are men taking their own lives.

Rachel Clift, health and wellbeing director at Ben, said: “As the industry’s dedicated charity, we see the automotive community as one big family – it’s so important that we take care of each other. Spotting the signs that one of our family is struggling or in crisis shows how we can all play a role in looking after our own. Having a conversation or asking a colleague to give Ben a call may seem like a small act but showing that you’ve noticed that someone isn’t themselves may be the difference between someone thinking they are alone and knowing that someone is looking out for them. We firmly believe that by working together, we can prevent the tragic and unnecessary loss of life.

“With the cost-of-living crisis already impacting lives – and only set to worsen – mental health and wellbeing come into even sharper focus as people face unprecedented pressure and money worries become increasingly prevalent. By coming together, the whole sector can make a difference. Whether it is an organisation providing training and support to address this challenge, an individual recognising when a colleague or family member may be struggling, or simply by us all helping to spread awareness of the support Ben can offer – each action could be the one that saves a life.

“Wellbeing, mental health and suicide need focus 365-days-a-year but this awareness day helps shine a spotlight on the issues. It highlights the steps we as an industry can take to help those most vulnerable and the support Ben as an organisation has in place to support the automotive family.”