BCF launches new VOC initiative

From this month, paint manufactures will be able to promote their sustainability to credentials to customers after the launch of a new scheme.

The British Coatings Federation has introduced the ‘TRACE’ Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) statement which identifies products with VOC content of less than 0.1%.

The VOC Globe scheme is part of a wider initiative by the coatings industry to raise consumer awareness of the amount of VOCs contained in decorative paint products, allowing consumers to make more informed, greener choices.

The British Coatings Federation takes the position that the use of the terms ‘Zero-VOC’ and ‘VOC-free’ are false claims and should not be used in the paint industry. It says there will always be a trace element of VOCs, even if no raw materials containing VOCs have been added, as even water can contain trace amounts of VOC, while VOCs can also be added by manufacturers in the supply chain.