Audi launches new EV comparison solution

Audi has teamed up with eCommerce experts at drivvn to help buyers navigate the complex range of information available when choosing a new electric vehicle.

The new service provides a detailed comparison across its range and any other vehicles with total cost of ownership data. In addition, it offers relevant information for private customers, company car drivers and fleet managers.

Lucy Trott, client director at drivvn, said: “Our advanced comparator technology has never been more important in supporting drivers in their switch to electric vehicles. It simplifies a complex landscape, adding semantics to the data supporting customers along their education journey.”

drivvn has developed a new generation of vehicle comparators that uses machine learning and real-time data to choose the best vehicle for each individual and assess it against any other new vehicle available in the market and the user’s current car. The advanced comparator suite leads buyers through a decision process to guide them to the right vehicle before comparing EV and ICE vehicles. It also enables a detailed comparison of specifications and total cost of ownership.