asTech joins CCC network

SaaS platform CCC Intelligent Solutions has announced that diagnostic, calibration and programme solutions provider asTech has joined its network.

The integration will support repair facilities in capturing and documenting scan information in CCC One workfiles.

Activation is simple. Repair facilities using CCC One select their preferred diagnostic providers from those available through CCC’s network and providers send scan data directly to the workfile.

Mark Fincher, vice president, automotive services group, market solutions, CCC, said: “As vehicles increase in complexity, scans are an essential part of the repair process. Since 2017, we’ve seen a nearly 900% increase in appraisals that included a diagnostic scan. Digitally integrated systems make it easier for repairers to access, capture, and document information needed to achieve complete repairs. CCC is committed to making it easier for our clients to achieve quality repairs and operate at the pace of innovation.”

Cris Hollingsworth, president, Repairify, said: “We are proud to work with CCC to offer the thousands of asTech customers the ability to capture and share scan information as a seamless part of the repair process.

“Repairers now have information they need right where they need it – in the workfile used to manage the repair. Safe, quality repairs are the primary Repairify objective, and CCC Diagnostics is an important connection for us to better serve the industry.”