Alloy wheel stripping – a heated debate

Liam Cowling of paint and refinishing materials supplier Carlac discusses the pros and cons of hot-stripping and cold-stripping for alloy wheel refurbishment.

The growth in popularity of alloy wheel refurbishment and customisation has opened new revenue opportunities for those operating in the UK collision repair industry. Current data suggests that the global market value of alloy wheels will be circa £15.9bn by 2025, exhibiting a compound average growth rate of 5% from 2020 – meaning there are great opportunities to be had.

For those working in the automotive repair industry, alloy wheel refurbishment is often seen as a lucrative expansion of their businesses as it’s simple to upskill their existing workforce and marries well with their current service offerings. However, the biggest hurdle in expanding into alloy wheel refurbishment is the capital investment required, which leads many to seek cost-effective solutions.

One example of this would be the choice between hot-stripping or coldstripping of alloy wheels.

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