ULEZ given thumbs down

A new survey has found that drivers believe London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is ineffective and financially motivated.

The scheme was introduced in April 2019 and expanded in October to cover 18 times its original size.

The survey of 3,800 people was conducted by vehicle finance company Carvine, and found that 62% believe the scheme is financially motivated, whereas 38% concluded that ULEZ is beneficial to Londoners as a whole.

Alex Thomas, a marketing executive for Carvine said: “ULEZ is undeniably improving air quality across the capital. But when you think about how TfL is targeting motorists going about their daily lives who don’t typically have the luxury of affording an up-to-date, emission friendly car, you have to start asking questions.”

An estimated £130m was spent to install the additional network of 750 number recognition cameras, in addition to the 650 already in place. Within ULEZ’s first year of operation, City Hall raked in an extra £107m. Combining both C-Charge and ULEZ, the Greater London Assembly’s 2019-2020 financial year recorded £267m net profit.