SUVs dominate list of fastest-selling used cars

The 2016 Volkswagen Touareg has been revealed as the UK’s fastest selling used car, taking an average of just 22 days to leave forecourts.

According to Auto Traders Fastest Selling Index, which tracks the potential speed at which vehicles will sell based on live supply and demand in the market, the German SUV is one eight 4x4s and crossovers on the national top 10 list of fastest sellers.

Director of commercial products, Karolina Edwards-Smajda, said: “We’ve seen already very strong levels of buyer demand accelerate following the reopening of physical forecourts in April, but it looks as though it’s been given an extra boost in anticipation of the easing of most Covid-19 restrictions this week. This is having a significant influence on the speed of sale and used car prices, as well as the overall market health. It is still crucial however, that retailers keep abreast of the micro and macro market conditions to inform their pricing and sourcing strategies, and ultimately, to ensure they are making as much profit from their forecourts as possible.”

Meanwhile, Auto Trader’s market analysis has revealed that the overall national average days to sell has seen a dramatic decrease since the start of the year. The data shows that it currently takes an average of just 23 days for used vehicles to turn on UK forecourts, down from 43 days at the start of the year and representing a decrease of 47%.