Stellantis targets tech windfall

Stellantis expects to generate €20bn in incremental annual revenues by 2030 by deploying next-generation tech platforms and building on existing connected vehicle capabilities to transform how customers interact with their vehicles.

This transformation will move Stellantis’ vehicles from today’s dedicated electronic architectures to an open software-defined platform that seamlessly integrates with customers’ digital lives. It greatly expands the options customers have to add innovative features and services via regular over-the-air (OTA) updates keeping vehicles fresh, exciting and updated years after they have been built.

Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO, said: “Our electrification and software strategies will support the shift to become a sustainable mobility tech company to lead the pack, leveraging the associated business growth with over-the-air features and services, and delivering the best experience to our customers.

“With the three all-new AI-powered technology platforms to arrive in 2024, deployed across the four STLA vehicle platforms, we will leverage the speed and agility associated with the de-coupling of hardware and software cycles.”

Stellantis plans to invest more than €30bn through 2025 to execute its software and electrification transformation. The Stellantis software strategy works hand-in-hand with the company’s vehicle electrification plans, which targets that more than 70% of its vehicle sales in Europe and more than 40% of vehicle sales in the United States will be low emission vehicles (LEV) by 2030.