SMH speeds up ADAS vehicle repairs

SMH Fleet Solutions is speeding up its vehicle repair process by investing in new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) recalibration equipment and training.

The six-figure investment at four SMH sites across the UK comes following a successful trial of the technology at its Gloucester location.

The Bosch system allows SMH to meet OEM requirements for collision repairs, maintenance, and servicing where the sensors of an advanced driver assistance system must be readjusted and calibrated accurately.

The Thatcham Research Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) came into effect last month, ensuring the safe repair of vehicles equipped with ADAS. The move comes as the number of ADAS-enabled vehicles on UK roads reaches 4.5 million, a figure that will continue to grow as driver assistance technology advances.

The requirements call for repairers to use a diagnostic tool to identify the presence, or not, of ADAS on the vehicle and ensure this is recorded and complete all relevant inspection, realignment, and calibration activities as detailed within the repair procedures.

Commenting on the roll-out, Mark Elliott, quality director at SMH Fleet Solutions, said: “The new ADAS recalibration technology will save at least 48 hours from the refurbishment process where accident damage needs to be repaired. In a dynamic market, we must provide fleets with fast and responsive service.”

SMH Fleet Solutions is undertaking a series of IT and technology investments across to enhance its ability to provide fast and flexible collision repair solutions.