Siemens supports Riversimple’s green factory

Riversimple’s ambition to build the world’s most sustainable car factory in Wales has been boosted the support of Siemens.

Riversimple hopes to manufacture up to 5,000 Rasa hydrogen electric vehicles from 2024.

It hopes to achieve this after leveraging Siemens’ plant simulation software to model and analyse production systems and process within the factory, helping it to calculate optimum layout, levels of automation, the number of production staff and shifts required for 24/7 production.

Chris Foxall, financial director at Riversimple, said: “Through leveraging Siemens’ expertise in technology software and plant simulation, driven by its engineering talent, we have been able to reduce the size of the proposed factory by 20%, saving significant cost from the outset, and supporting our ambitions for environmental sustainability.

“It’s a fantastic outcome from our new partnership, with much more to come as we pursue our goal of creating the world’s most sustainable car factory to build the cars of the future, powered by hydrogen.”

Brian Holliday, managing director, digital industries, Siemens UK and Ireland, said: “I am extremely proud of our team of engineers, including many apprentices and graduates at the start of their careers. Once again, we set a significant challenge to use brainstorming and development to accelerate ideas into real-life solutions, and once again they have come up trumps, demonstrating the power of collaboration and digital enterprise tools.”