Keyless car thefts continue to surge

Tracker has revealed that 93% of the vehicle is recovered in 2020 were stolen as a result of keyless thefts.

Range Rovers were the most popular targets among thieves, accounting for 37% of all vehicles recovered last year.

In total, Tracker recovered £9m worth of stolen vehicles during the year – and cars to the value of £563m since it was formed.

Tracker is part of CalAmp, which has now recovered more than $1.5bn in stolen vehicles through brands in the UK, Italy and Mexico.

Jeff Gardner, CEO of CalAmp, said: “Even as thieves worldwide look to more sophisticated means of vehicle theft, our global customers can find peace of mind knowing that our connected car solutions are equipped to help them protect their investments and prevent potential losses. We’re proud to be making a difference and creating safer communities in every country across our international footprint.”