Free carbon training course announced

Vehicle salvage and dismantling company Synetiq is hosting a free online accredited carbon literacy training course on 1 November.

The course includes sustainability-based training highlighting the changes that need to be made to combat climate change. Attendees will be asked to complete an evaluation following the course, including an assessment of everyday activities, both at home and work, and their ability and motivation to reduce CO2 emissions.

The one-off session coincides with the first-ever Carbon Literacy Action Day,

Anna Reade, Synetiq’s client relationship manager and carbon literacy trainer, said: “We’d encourage every organisation to invest in this type of training wherever possible. It’s a fact that a carbon literate business will be better equipped to reduce CO2 emissions, resources and save money – as well as to support the changing needs of its stakeholders.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the course, which runs from 10am to 4pm, should email [email protected]