Fleets warned to prepare for rising EV costs

Fleet managers have been urged to monitor running costs of electric light commercial vehicles during the winter.

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) has warned organisations managing EV fleets during their first cold period to ensure estimated and real world running costs align.

Paul Hollick, AFP chair, said: “eLCVs have arrived on quite a number of fleets for the first time in recent months and so far, the feedback we are hearing is that the operational experience seen across the AFP has been positive.

“However, it’s widely known that the cold weather conditions can have a sometimes very noticeable effect on battery efficiency and we are keen to encourage operators to keep a close watch on the impact being seen this winter.

“Especially, we want to see whether the running costs that have been estimated for electric vans remain accurate through these more difficult operating conditions. A big part of the argument for eLCVs is their economic viability and this is, in some ways, a key moment for these vehicles.

“While, of course, some UK fleets have operated electric vans through winters previously, the numbers involved were quite small and this year, thanks to much improved product and supply, a much larger pool are in use. We are enthusiastic to hear from those businesses running these vehicles through the colder months.”

AFP has launched its first ever eLCV course for fleets making the transition, with modules including the eLCV ecosystem, vehicles, evaluation, total cost of ownership and operations, and future state.