Fleets still in the EV slow lane

New research from Alphabet (GB) has found that ­­only a quarter of fleet managers are confident in their knowledge of fleet electrification, while a further 59% said their confidence in the subject is steadily building.

Despite this growing understanding, many fleet decision-makers still have concerns about acquiring electrified vehicles for their business, with cost (32%), charging infrastructure (22%) and driver reluctance (27%) as the main barriers to switch to EVs and PHEVs.

This lack of confidence in fleet electrification knowledge is reflected in the fact that more than half of fleet decision-makers (52%) have yet to make any updates to incorporate electrification into their company driver policies. For fleets of less than 47 vehicles, this rises to 63%. Even for bigger fleets of over 200 vehicles, nearly two in five still need to make updates.

Electrified vehicle sales have however, continued to rise at rapid pace, with the pandemic acting as a catalyst for the sector. Alphabet has seen a 248% increase in pure electric vehicle orders year-to-date compared to 2020, and 174% rise in sales for plug-in hybrid vehicles in the same period.

David Rose, head of product, Alphabet (GB) said: “It’s been great to see the demand for electrified vehicles increase at such a rapid pace this last year and demonstrates a change in mind set taking place in both the industry and with consumers.

“This research however shows there’s still work to do in the industry to support fleet managers in moving their electrification strategies forwards and overcoming potential barriers, such as driver reluctance, which more than a quarter of decision-makers highlighted as a concern. It is crucial that the correct guidance and advise is therefore provided for drivers, so they feel part of the journey throughout the transition.”