First free Net Zero webinar confirmed

The newly-formed Net Zero Network will host its first free webinar addressing the requirements for implementing a net zero strategy and achieve PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification at 10.30am on Tuesday, 21 September.

The webinar is aimed at repair business owners and managers and key questions that will be discussed include are how is your business going to get to net zero, what is your starting point, and how do you calculate your current carbon footprint?

The webinar will be hosted by Dom Napier of Eco Repair Systems, who is an industry expert who specialises in measuring and reducing carbon footprint, PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification and putting in place effective net zero strategy.

Napier said: “The UK has now set in law the Climate Change Committee’s recommendation of a 78% emissions reduction by 2035. It is likely that in order to achieve this world leading target, some form of carbon taxation could be introduced as early as 2022.

“If you can’t calculate your carbon emissions or certify you are carbon neutral then it is likely that the government will ‘estimate’ your emissions on an industry basis and enforce the corresponding carbon taxation. That’s definitely not what you want.

“What we do in the next decade to limit emissions will be critical to the future, which is why every country, sector, industry and each one of us must work together to find ways to cut the carbon we produce and safeguard our planet for future generations.”