CD Auction announces broader sales programme

CD Auction Group has expanded its programme of sales to five days a week.

The sales cover cars and LCVs and take place across the auction’s digital channels.

Andy Pearce, managing director at CD Auction Group, said: “We’ve grown our base of vendors significantly through 2021 to now include fleet operators, manufacturers and a wide range of retailers. Our newly expanded sales programme is designed to give dealers access to a wide range of stock at the push of a button.

“We work hard to be the easiest auction company to buy from, and our platform is built from the bottom up to be simple to register on and easy to use. It’s an approach that is attracting new buyers every day.”

Meanwhile, CD Auction has made a new investment to install new data protection systems and IT infrastructure to enable the frictionless movement of data across all its channels to make it easier and safer for dealers to buy vehicles wherever and whenever they choose.