Bentley welcomes largest ever intake

Bentley has welcomed its largest ever intake of apprentices, undergraduates and graduates, with 112 new recruits joining the 4,000-strong Crewe-based workforce.

As part of a phased introduction, 39 apprentices and 39 undergraduates started their Bentley careers in the past two weeks, with 14 more graduates to follow next month.

They are working in engineering, production, marketing and communications, project management, human resources and digital and IT.

Nicola Johnson, Bentley’s head of people, engagement and transformation, said: “Bentley, and the entire automotive industry, is changing faster than ever and so recruiting the next generation and leaders of tomorrow, with a digital mindset, is a key part of our strategy to becoming the leader in sustainable luxury mobility. We have focused on the finest talent that can help shape our future and I am delighted to welcome them as we work together to deliver our vision for a new Bentley.”