Barriers to buying revealed

The top 10 barriers named by consumers when considering buying a used car have been revealed in new research for the RAC Dealer Network.

Having to travel too far to view a vehicle is the number one reason, named by 46% of people. It is followed by a lack of detail in the description (44%), an absence of someone to speak to easily (43%), and a dealer not being accredited (42%).

Other leading responses included a lack of detail in the pictures (38%), information on the dealer web site not being up to date (36%) and not being aware of the dealership or its brand (30%).

Finally, respondents also named different deals being offered to showroom and online buyers (26%), absence of free add-ons such as quality checks, MOT or service (26%) and inability to purchase add-ons such as extended warranties (18%).

Kellie Grocott, RAC director of sales at Assurant, said: “This research provides a fascinating insight into the real-world priorities of used car buyers when it comes to important trigger points in the customer journey. What it shows is that customers, more than anything, value service and convenience factors such as proximity to the dealership, a good vehicle description and being able to reach someone to talk to about the car in which they are interested.”

He added: “It’s interesting that 42% of buyers are looking for some form of accreditation from their dealer, as this is a subject that is, we believe, not often discussed among car retailers. It does show a desire for some form of consumer reassurance.

“Findings elsewhere in our research underlined this customer aspiration. We also asked which factors were important when it came to buying a used car and 55% of respondents named ‘a reputable seller’ while 33% cited ‘reassurance that a dealer confirms to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) accredited code.”