AutoRaise supports apprentice levy transfers

AutoRaise has supported Saint Gobain in transferring more than £125,000 of its Apprenticeship Levy funding to repairers.

The Levy Transfer programme enables larger, levy-paying corporations to fulfil their corporate social responsibility by funding fresh starts on new apprenticeships.

Steve Thompson, vice chair of AutoRaise said: “Saint Gobain’s generous offer of transferring some of their levy pot to repairers has enabled 10 new apprentices to be taken on in their bodyshops respectively.”

Among them is AutoRaise-affiliated repairer, Carbody Banbury.

Leon Smith, managing director said: “Carbody has been blown away by the support we’ve received from AutoRaise in launching our new apprenticeship programme. Jen [Evans, AutoRaise business executive] and our chairman Ian Durham have been working together and have secured levy funding from Saint Gobain for our four new rising stars.”

Devonshire Motors is also one of the approved beneficiaries.

Graeme Bennett, managing director, said: “With this support our trainees will have the best possible start to a long and fruitful career within this great industry of ours.”