Asset management in the bodyshop

The industry talks a lot about recruitment and how to bring people into collision repair, but there’s often little guidance on what to do with them or how to treat them when we have them.

We have fantastic resources such as School of Thought and AutoRaise which are working to bring in the people we need, but what are we doing to retain those people once they’ve become part of the business? Not just to stop them from leaving the industry but to stop them leaving your bodyshop once you’ve invested time and money training them.

Auto-Motivate’s Mike Monaghan said: “For too many years the collision industry got distracted by following the product, then the process, then the people. As long as we could find repair volumes, then we would figure out how to fix them quickly enough to meet the required KPIs and CSIs of the terms and conditions of contracts. So, we figured this out by working longer, harder, and faster. This pushed our staff into unseen and unplanned levels of demand. The effects on our staff were a slow and insidious creep. Yet, the silent but deadly seeds of long-term damage impacts were being sown.

“Today, post-pandemic, those effects have been brought into sharp focus indeed, with the lack of new talent entering the industry, and an ageing demographic now averaging 46 years old, not to mention the cost of production having shifted upwards considerably.”

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