bodyshop Live! 2019 Workshops

Fun, interactive learning environment

We know that there must be something significant in it for you to justify being away from your business for a whole day or more. That’s why we’ve incorporated into bodyshop Live! 2019 the opportunity for you to learn new skills and gain insight into the ground-breaking initiatives that are underway in our industry.

We’ve planned three concise 45-minute workshops which will run back-to-back during the morning of Friday 20 September. Each will be moderated by an industry or subject area expert. Delegates will actively participate in the proceedings via interactive Q&A and live polling using the bodyshop Live! 2019 app.

Workshop 1: Creating a pipeline from school to career

One of the ubiquitous challenges of our time is the lack of young talent entering the auto collision repair industry. As experienced professionals retire or move on, there’s no one qualified to take up the reins.

A small number of industry individuals have taken it upon themselves to address the issue through a collaborative-innovative approach.

This workshop is all about launching the plan and identifying participants. Delegates will hear about a ground-breaking initiative to educate and enthuse youngsters, to engage with like-minded businesses who are passionate about the opportunities inherent in a career within our industry. It’s all about capturing their imagination at an early age and adjoining both businesses and students into a single community.

Workshop 2: It’s the little things that make a big difference

In a fast-moving industry, it’s easy to focus our efforts on tackling the big issues and implementing large-scale changes across the business. However, it is critical that we don’t lose sight of the smaller changes that can be made. Improving the management of everyday tasks can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line by freeing up resources and saving time on smaller tasks.

Workshop 3: Who owns the customer?

None of us would be in business without customers. When they desert you, the shutters are down for good. A situation no one wants to face.

In this workshop we get under the skin of the supplier-customer relationship. The question at the heart of this is: who is it that owns the customer? Once that’s been debated and a conclusion reached, it’s all about how the owner or indeed owners of that customer satisfy their needs, meet and exceed their expectations and ultimately secure their long-term loyalty.