Trackstar release vehicle tracking app

Trackstar has announced the release of its new Trackstar Stolen Vehicle Tracking App, for Android and IOS handsets.

The Trackstar App provides customers with powerful functions to complement their Trackstar Stolen Vehicle Tracking system, such as Vehicle Location, which will show the last known location of the vehicle. Geofencing, which enables a Trackstar customer to define a location and receive an email alert if the vehicle is moved away from that location. The app also offers Journey History, which provides a view of recent journeys and Journey Replay, which allows replay of a recent journey, showing the position of the vehicle and its speed for the duration of the journey.

Craig Blount MD of Trackstar and Traffic commented, ‘As a leading player in the provision of Stolen Vehicle Tracking solutions we are always striving to enhance the services that we provide to our customers. Our new Trackstar App provides Trackstar customers with the reassurance of being able to always see where their vehicle is on their mobile handset and be alerted immediately should it be unexpectedly moved.’