Thirty-eight charged over ‘cash for crash’

Thirty-eight people have been charged over an alleged ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraud in Cumbria.

Police said the offences took place across the county between 2010 and 2014, and the uncovering of the offences comes as a result of a joint operation between Cumbria Police, the Insurance Fraud Bureau and the Crown Prosecution Service.

The 38 charged were names as:

  • Nigel Beaty, 36, of London Road, Carlisle
  • Stephen Slater, 48, of Yewdale Road, Carlisle
  • Deborah Norris, 47, of Yewdale Road, Carlisle
  • Darren Snowdon, 43, of Brookside, Carlisle
  • Kerry Swales, 42, of Shadygrove Road, Carlisle
  • Kerry Richardson, 33, of Shadygrove Road, Carlisle
  • Dominic Scott, 32, of Edward Street, Carlisle
  • Danielle Hayton, 25, of Dowbeck Road, Carlisle
  • Lucy Malloy, 26, of Dowbeck Road, Carlisle
  • Stacey Crook, 27, of Chesterholm, Carlisle
  • David Louden, 31, of Chesterholm, Carlisle
  • Craig Palmer, 43, of Balfor Road, Carlisle
  • Peter Farish, 44, of Cumwhinton Drive, Carlisle
  • Duncan Pape, 53, of Wigton Road, Carlisle
  • Lorraine Todd, 63, of Inglewood, Waverton, Wigton
  • Michelle Lockhart, 36, of Meadow Road, Wigton
  • Jonathan Scott, 40, of Deer Park, Wigton
  • Rachel Scott, 39, of Deer Park, Wigton
  • Richard Miller, 43, of Springfields, Wigton
  • Stuart Bell, 36, of Deer Park, Wigton
  • Stuart Wise, 27, of Friars Garth, Abbeytown
  • Robert Skelton, 48, of Ruleholme, Irthington
  • Paul Wells, 36, of Friars Garth, Abbeytown
  • Terence Andrews, 48, of Oakwood End, Abbeytown
  • Richard Morton, 38, of Wampool Grange, Kirkbride
  • Mark Roger McCracken, aged 47, formerly of Castlesteads Drive, Carlisle
  • Sharon Moorhouse, 45, of Marton, Ulverston
  • Philip Crothers, 26, formerly of no fixed abode
  • Ian Shadforth, 51, of Newton Terrace Millom
  • Garry Ruddy, 41, of Oxford Street, Millom
  • Natalie Edgeler, 27, of Salthouse Road, Millom
  • Stephen Edgeler, 46, of Devonshire Road, Millom
  • Sarah Dawson, 44, of Angle Meadow Lane, Barrow-in-Furness
  • Andrew Dawson, 46, of Harrison Street, Barrow-in-Furness
  • Diane Dutton, 40, of Durham street, Barrow-in-Furness
  • Melanie Stead, 40, of Dickens Drive, Catterick Garrison
  • Charmaine Cochrane, 30, of Aisne Road, Colchester

Sarah Kidd, aged 33, of Castlesteads Drive, Carlisle, has been summoned to court for a connected offence of money laundering.

Mark Roger McCracken is also charged with other offences.

All 38 are expected appear before North Cumbria Magistrates’ Court, in Carlisle, today 28 July 2015.