Telematics fitted to Citroen CV range

Citroën groups commercial vehicles in a new ‘Ready to Run’ range, which will have Teletrac telematics units fitted as standard in all Berlingo, Dispatch, Relay Cabs, high-specification tippers, dropsides and Luton vans. ‘Relay Ready to Run’ has been launched as the new name for Citroën’s range of Relay ready-bodied vehicles.

The New Relay Ready to Run range includes high-specification tippers, dropsides and Luton vans, which are available from stock via Citroën’s Business Centre network and other large Citroën dealers.’

‘The new Relay Ready to Run branding better explains the strengths of this range, which is available ready-converted, ex-stock, with a full factory warranty,’ commented Jeremy Smith, Citroën’s head of commercial vehicles & business sector operations.

‘Citroën sees the potential for considerable growth with its Relay Ready to Run range. Over the next few months, the company will be announcing an expanded number of models that will be available, ex-stock, under this banner,’ Smith added.

This unique telematics package includes Smartnav satellite navigation and Stolen Vehicle Tracking, as well as providing the platform for optional, low cost, Fleet Director real-time fleet management services.

Jeremy Smith, head of commercial vehicles and business sector operations Citroën Sales Citroën UK, remarked, ‘The unique Citroën Teletrac telematics package has been specially developed to provide our LCV customers with an unrivalled range of operational, safety, security and financial benefits. The system plays an important part in Citroën’s commitment to reduce carbon footprints and raise the efficiency of its LCV range.’

Fleet Director is an additional service available to all Citroën customers. Fleet Director combines new business intelligence technologies and safety analytics features with two-way messaging and GPS vehicle tracking; capabilities that have long made Fleet Director an industry-leading solution. With Fleet Director, operations managers across a wide variety of industry segments can run fleets more efficiently whilst simultaneously cutting costs and improving driver safety and productivity.

Teletrac’s award-winning Safety Analytics solution, an innovative feature within the company’s fleet director platform helps fleets reduce unsafe driving incidents, increase productivity and reward safe driving. It has been reported recently that commercial drivers are 50% more likely to be involved in a road accident than ordinary drivers. The Safety Analytics software feature safeguards companies from such driving behaviour, providing a comprehensive safety tool, monitoring driver behaviour with the ability to generate driver safety score reports based on a specific set of driving parameters.

Citroën is the only manufacturer in the U.K. to offer LCVs fitted with stolen vehicle tracking.  Since the program’s inception, the stolen vehicle recovery system, fitted as part of the Teletrac telematics package, has seen 98% of Citroën LCVs stolen being recovered. As a result, over £480,000 worth of vehicles were recovered. Furthermore Citroën LCV drivers saved the equivalent of 22,698 working days and made significant cost savings through more efficient routing.