Severe weather warnings issued

The MET office has issued severe weather warnings across the UK and motorists can expect strong winds and further flooding as heavy rain continues to fall.

North and West Yorkshire have been hit by localised flooding, with some roads completely submerged.

Northumberland has also been affected, while three people were taken to hospital for checks after a taxi overturned in Stockton-on-Tees.

‘Modern cars have improved incredibly, but they are still far from waterproof and driving through water that is too deep can have catastrophic results for both cars and lives,’ said RAC spokesman Simon Williams.

‘Any driver thinking of going through floodwater needs to be absolutely confident that it is shallow enough to make it through without stopping and water being sucked into the engine.’

The Environment Agency expects further heavy rainfall today after more than seven inches (180mm) fell overnight in some places, with high risk for Cumbria, parts of Lancashire and western parts of North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

Drivers in Scotland are also being told to take care. Flood Warnings have been issued in Dumfries and Galloway, Borders, Tayside and West Central Scotland, while Flood Alerts are in place in six other counties.