Road Safety Week 2015

Brake is encouraging educators to register for Road Safety Week (23-29 Nov), promoting the ‘drive less, live more’ theme.

Educators can link activities to this theme or any road safety topic. Brake will be encouraging families to consider how they use roads, and if they can switch to walking, cycling or using public transport as much as possible. Educators can engage pupils in exploring benefits of sustainable and active travel and opportunities for their family to get around in this way. Teaching road safety and active, sustainable travel in their classroom can help to meet goals of compulsory curriculum subjects such as science and geography, and also meet goals as part of a citizenship agenda.

Road crashes are the biggest cause of death among young people, and there is increasing acknowledgement of the threat traffic pollution and sedentary lifestyles pose to children and families. Raising awareness of road safety and creating safe spaces for sustainable and active travel is vital.

REGISTER NOW! Brake is urging educators to register to take part in the Week and receive support and free email action pack resources available from Brake.

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