Motorists support smoking ban

Over 90% of motorists support Government plans to ban smoking in cars with children according to a new poll by Motorpoint.

An online survey by the UK car supermarket found an overwhelming 92.8% of people quizzed agreed with the introduction of the new law that would criminalise smoking in cars containing anyone under the age of 18 from this autumn. Over 1,760 took part in the poll on the Motorpoint website.

Under new provisions set out in the Children and Families Act, lighting up in a car with children present will become illegal in October. Parents, carers or anyone else caught smoking in a car with children present, or preventing another person from smoking in a car, can expect to receive a fine of £60 and potentially five points on their licence.

Mark Carpenter, managing director of Motorpoint, said, ‘The Government is often accused of not listening to motorists but it’s clear from the results of our poll that for once they are doing just that and bringing into force a long overdue measure – namely banning smoking in cars with children present – a move which the overwhelming majority of drivers support.’


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