Methods in half the time

Thatcham’s continuing product enhancements are proving to be a hit with customers who are now generating repair methods in half the time with Methods Direct.

Methods Direct, which has been provided to Thatcham subscribers at no additional cost, is a new escribe feature designed to take subscribers from Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) to repair method in just two simple steps.

Customers are spending less than half the previous time generating a methods pack – typically in and out of the system with all the required information within three minutes and two steps.

Methods Direct is being used to generate over one third of all requested escribe methods.

The repair industry’s desire to keep pace with changing vehicle technology is also evident through an increased demand for detailed and specific repair enquiries. Thatcham technical helpline subscribers have grown by over a third this year and are submitting more than 300 enquiries to the Premium or Essential 24 service every day, of which well over two thirds are being answered within 2 hours.

Meanwhile the future looks to be in good hands with a healthy rise in the number of new apprentices embarking on training programmes at the Thatcham Academy.

‘The fantastic transformation of our customer service team and our subscription based products has come on leaps and bounds this year. By taking on board customer feedback and reviewing our service, Thatcham subscribers are enjoying a raft of great improvements that help make their day to day lives easier and their businesses more efficient and effective,’ said head of commercial services, Matthew Wright.

‘I’m really proud of what we have achieved and excited about all the great things we will be doing to enhance our products and services further, over the coming months.’

As the research centre once again prepare to open its doors to the crash repair industry at Repair Focus on 18 June, this latest news is both welcome and timely, demonstrating that Thatcham continues to have its finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding and responding to the changing needs of the repair industry.