Making road cycling safer

A new start-up company, Lumos, is being propelled into the spotlight with its ‘Next Generation Bicycle Helmet’, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign and sharing on social media.

The hi-tech Lumos cycle helmet features integrated headlights, indicators and a brake light, improving both visibility and awareness for drivers behind cyclists.

The left and right indicators are illuminated by a wireless remote control unit on the handlebars while the built-in accelerometer automatically switches on the brake light triangle on the back of the helmet when the cyclist slows down.

A bright white headlight on the front illuminates the road and alert drivers to the approaching bike and is powered by a battery with a USB cable providing the recharging mechanism.

One full charge is said to offer roughly 30 minutes of power per day for a week.

This new road safety product is the brainchild of two Boston-based Harvard graduates who are currently trying to raise funds on Kickstarter to push the helmet into full production.

The crowdfunding project has already surpassed its $125,000 (£80,000) goal, raising $200,417 (£128,341) so far.

Eu-wen Ding, founder of Lumos said: ‘I often feel invisible at night, even with my bike lights on. I wanted to take control of my own safety by building a helmet that would make me more visible to everyone on the road.’

‘At its core, Lumos is a comfortable helmet, designed to be both sleek and strong. The helmet’s lights make you more visible in all directions because they are higher and larger than traditional bike lights. And since they are part of the helmet, you don’t need to worry about them being stolen off your bicycle, or left at home.’