L&I Eaton sign up to MyFleet

L&I Eaton Bodyshop has announced they are the latest in a long line of bodyshops to sign up to Circle Leasing’s innovative new extension to MyFleet; MyFleet Vehicle Hire.

MyFleet Vehicle Hire gives bodyshops the ability to book out and book in vehicles on Circle Leasing paperwork, therefore outsourcing administration for the courtesy car fleet. MyFleet Vehicle Hire records policyholder details and recovers costs for damage, missing items, fines and fixed penalties and missing fuel on behalf of the repairer. Using MyFleet Vehicle Hire improves cost recovery of the fleet and makes difficult commercial decisions easy without negatively affecting the NPS score of the bodyshop. L&I Eaton bodyshop runs a fleet of over 162 courtesy cars and is now taking advantage of the various suite of tools in Vehicle Hire to reduce the costs associated with such a large fleet.

Stephen Fells, group bodyshop manager explained, ‘We have been using Vehicle Hire for 9 months and we are implementing in our other sites as we are seeing such great improvements across the business. Transitioning to Vehicle Hire from our old system was simple, the Circle team were great, they came and trained all of our employees to ensure they were up to speed with the system and their dedicated back office team are always available for support.’

‘Before Vehicle Hire our customers weren’t treating the courtesy cars with respect, more often than not petrol tanks would be returned with no fuel and the cars would be dirty and potentially damaged. Now our customers understand that it is their responsibility to look after the courtesy car so we have seen a great improvement in policy holder behaviour. In cases where we need to charge the customer Circle recover the costs and recuperate the money for us.’

‘As we run a fleet of 162 across 6 sites it’s hard to keep track of which vehicles have remaining mileage, Vehicle Hire has a great mileage tool that we use to keep an eye as to when we are close to the limit of on the cars, we’ve found this fantastic and it saves us money at end of the contract.’

‘Overall we would highly recommend Vehicle Hire to other bodyshops, we’ve streamlined our processes and improved our bottom line,’ he said.