IFB respond to Budget 2015

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) has issued a statement following the announcement (on 8 July) in the ‘Emergency’ Budget, that there will be a cap on charges imposed by claims management companies.

Ben Fletcher, director of the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), said: ‘There are many genuine Claims Management Companies (CMCs) which provide a service for honest consumers and this must be preserved, however there is equally a need to recognise that corrupt CMCs are a significant factor in organised insurance fraud and work needs to be done to improve regulation.’

‘From the IFB’s perspective, the evidence is compelling as currently just under half of our live investigations feature a CMC somewhere in the scam and over the last 18 months we have received more than 400 intelligence reports where such a company has been at the heart of the problem.

‘A major review of the regulation of this industry to improve transparency and to implement robust processes which will enable the detection of corrupt practices is absolutely welcomed.’