IAM offers bikers free advanced lesson

In an effort to encourage bikers to take their skills to the next level, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is launching its biggest ever giveaway promotion in England and Wales geared exclusively to bikers.

Any bike licence holder will be entitled to a free one hour taster session with an IAM qualified instructor in one of 12 locations around England and Wales.

The taster sessions are part of the IAM’s ongoing goal to improve the riding and driving standards of road users across the country and cut the numbers of those killed and seriously injured on our roads.

The IAM also wants riders to enjoy their riding more as a result of gaining those extra skills.

But anyone wanting to take advantage of the taster sessions, normally worth £45 a person, needs to move fast – they must be booked by the end of September.

To take advantage of the free sessions visit the webpage www.iam.org.uk/bikemoments

Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer said, ‘This is also a great opportunity for people to do something they have no doubt been putting off for a long time. Everyone gets into a few bad habits in their riding over the months and years, and this is the perfect opportunity to put that right.’

‘The free taster is an enjoyable low-pressure way of sharpening up those skills, pointing out any areas that need attention, and perhaps pave the way for taking part in one of our other courses.’

‘This is an unprecedented opportunity for riders, wherever they are in the country, to get a very valuable taster session by an acknowledged expert in the field.’