Glasurit parrot celebrates 90th birthday

In 1925, when it was created, no one would have imagined that it would have had such an illustrious future. Back then, Glasurit didn’t choose just any member of the parrot family, they chose the Ara, the largest and most colourful species of parrot with its primary colours of red, blue and yellow, indicating that any colour can be mixed. This has become the company trademark and for 90 years has stood for premium quality paints and coatings worldwide.

More than 20 years after the founding of the ‘Glasso’ paint factory in Münster-Hiltrup, the parrot was featured on Glasurit’s paint cans and until the mid-1930s, it was displayed alongside the long-established mandarin logo. It wasn’t until later that the parrot appeared alone, serving as the unmistakable symbol of Glasurit’s brightly coloured products.

Today, the parrot is shown in flight, which emphasizes its dynamic nature and brings colour and gloss into the world of cars. Glasurit’s dynamic new design accurately reflects its position as a globally successful premium paint brand.

Parrots tend to be very long-lived birds. The Glasurit parrot has already surpassed all age records and in 2016 will continue to stand for a blaze of colour, brilliant ideas and colour quality.