DCML and In-Car Cleverness partner

DCML has partnered with vehicle-to-business software provider, In-Car Cleverness, to create DCM Connected – an advanced dealer and fleet management tool that incorporates telematics.

The addition of telematics to the offering will mean it now not only manages and insures the fleet, but will also enhance visibility and control of vehicles, allowing dealers and fleet managers to understand where their cars are at all times and how they are being driven, whilst also monitoring vehicle health.

Developed using 400 cars across several dealer and manufacturer groups, DCM Connected also offers advanced features such as driver behavioural profiling and accident reconstruction software, which almost eliminates liability disputes.

The accident reconstruction capabilities, mean that the system will take a snapshot of an accident immediately before, during and after an impact. It will then be able to ascertain to a detailed degree what happened, making costly liability disputes almost obsolete and saving money on insurance premiums.

DCML managing director, Vince Powell, said, ‘We have spent years perfecting a product that makes the life of the dealer courtesy and demo car managers easier. Now we are able to also help them cap costs, adhere to compliance regulations and squeeze every last drop out of their fleet by tailoring the mix of vehicles based on the analysis we can now provide.’