CAA deploys Inter-cept

Fleet Industry News reports that CAA Claims Management has implemented the Inter-cept accident assessment system, to allow call centre staff to assess damaged vehicles.

Accessed online, Inter-cept supports call centre operatives as they triage damaged vehicles. Drawing on extensive industry knowledge, Inter-cept prompts questions and guides interventions.

Director, David Quance said, ‘We are claims experts. We employ the best people and use the most advanced and cutting-edge systems to ensure we deliver on our brand promises.

‘When a vehicle is damaged, it is in everyone’s interest to move things along quickly. Without mistakes. Especially at the start. FNOL.

‘Owners want to know the scale of the damage, get their vehicle back promptly or set about finding a replacement.

‘Insurers have a responsibility and a need to maximise efficiency. Repairer suppliers want to receive the right vehicles in the right place at the right time.’

The performance of Inter-cept is monitored systematically, underpinned by Management Information (MI) systems to record actual proven performance.