Bradford men caught handling stolen car

Anti-fraud investigators at APU Ltd have helped Police in West Yorkshire convict two men of handling stolen goods.

Paul Booker (30) and Akeel Hussain (28), both from Bradford, were found in possession of a stolen Vauxhall Insignia in October last year and were in the process of dismantling it for parts when they were arrested.

APU used covert technology to locate its whereabouts and led Police to a derelict Land Rover garage called Stamford in Wapping Road, Bradford, where the car and both men were found.

APU, part of the Automotive Insurance Solutions Group, is a bespoke team of ex-Police officers and fraud intelligence investigators that has been responsible for saving approximately £350,000 in fraudulent insurance claims in the last 12 months.

Booker and Hussain pleaded guilty to the offences and were sentenced to 12 months community service and 100 hours of unpaid work in Bradford Crown Court today (Wednesday, August 12).

Judge Thomas heard how the stolen vehicle, which was on loan from accident management firm Accident Exchange, had been left secure in Manningham, Bradford, over a weekend while the man who had hired it travelled abroad.

APU’s technology proved that it had been moved, using a key, to the abandoned garage on 2 October.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Thomas told said, ‘As men in your position, having been in the motor trade for so long, you should have known better. If it had been proven that you stole the vehicle, you would have been facing lengthy custodial