Biomass Booths in Blackburn

Junair spraybooths has been working closely with the team at Lookers Blackburn to install a sustainable spraybooth. This unique idea sees their spray booths running on Biomass together with more traditional energy sources. The biomass renewable energy works automatically, powering the booth on both spray and bake mode. The spraybooth cycle remains unchanged, the only noticeable difference being that to the bottom line.

Biomass energy is produced when wood waste, or other waste, is burnt to produce heat energy in various forms. Technology has advanced to the point that emissions from burning biomass in industrial facilities are less than emissions produced when using fossil fuels.

Jason Douglas sales director, Junair spraybooths said, ‘We were delighted to be involved in the development of the biomass booth. It was a really exciting project, not only have Lookers achieved what all businesses are striving for – to reduce their overheads, but we’ve also managed to reduce the carbon footprint and save energy in the process. It’s a novel system and I look forward to installing more of these sustainable spraybooths in the future.’

Nigel McMinn managing director, Lookers PLC said, ‘Lookers is a progressive, environmentally-conscious business, we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to save energy in the most reliable and efficient way. We’re already reaping the benefits of the Biomass Booth and are looking to replicate this elsewhere across our UK network.’

This innovation not only enhances profits through reduced energy overheads but reduces carbon and CO2 emissions. As a result of this technology Lookers Blackburn is the first in the UK to become carbon neutral.