Apple remain tight-lipped on autonomous car

Tim Cook, chief executive of tech giant Apple, has refused to rule out that the comapny is working on its own self-driving car.

Appearing on The Colbert Show, Cook refused to reveal much about the possibility of Apple joining the race for a self-driving car. ‘We look at a number of things along the way and we decide to put our energies into a few of them,’ he said.

Apple’s car, apparently codenamed Project Titan, was revealed at the beginning of the year as Apple’s secretive project to design and build an autonomous car. Apple is already seeing integration in the car industry with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo all committed to integrating its in-car ‘CarPlay’ entertainment system in their future vehicles.

A source close to the company revealed this week that Apple would like to start manufacturing cars in the next five years, according to Apple Insider, and has spent $138 million on an undeveloped 43-acre plot for the potential development and eventual manufacture of their autonomous vehicle.