R-M gains TESLA approval

Tesla Motors has given approval for R-M automotive refinish paints for use by the Tesla distribution and bodyshop network worldwide. R-M will offer its colour competence and ONYX HD waterborne paint line which is ideally suited to the aluminium construction used in Tesla cars. In view of the high quality standards expected by Tesla customers, R-M continues to place great importance in training and services for Tesla Motors.

R-M, a premium brand of BASF, has close ties with leading car manufacturers worldwide and plays an active role in the development of innovative automotive colour and application techniques in the refinish market formulating productive and sustainable solutions. Tesla’s state-of the art manufacturing plant in Freemont, USA, is recognised as a world leader in robotic automation.

BASF’s advanced finishing technology is employed and complements the processes to ensure the highest standards of finish quality and durability that Tesla customers expect. The drive to incorporate the latest technology and techniques, together with environmental sustainability continues throughout the global bodyshop network, where Tesla specifies that R-M ONYX HD waterborne refinish technology is approved to be used in all cases of vehicle repair.

The partnership is set to continue in Europe with Tesla where R-M is already the preferred partner for the Norwegian bodyshop DK which is the world’s largest bodyshop specialising in the refinish of Tesla vehicles.