Zero emission registrations up by 18%

Research from The AA has revealed an 18% increase in the number of zero emission cars registered in the UK last year.

It found that 314,000 zero tailpipe emission cars were registered in 2023, based on data from the Vehicle Licensing Statistics. In terms of total market share, this represents 16% of all new registered cars.

However, that number is set to surge again this year as manufacturers rush to meet the 20% of sales set by the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate.

To support this, The AA’s Motoring Manifesto has urged the government to increase incentives for drivers to switch to electric, such as interest free loans or scrapping VAT on new EV sales.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for The AA, said: “These latest figures show that the appetite for electric and zero emission vehicles is there, but it is predominantly being led by those who are in company car schemes, or their employer offers a salary sacrifice scheme. If strong incentives on EVs can be made, then the ZEV mandate will be smashed.

“Manufacturers producing good offers as well as government support will help those with lower incomes play their part in the switch to zero emission driving.”

He said that measures like the Ultra Low Emission Zone and ramped-up parking charges have slashed diesel numbers by more than a fifth, but their superior fuel-efficiency means they are far from dead.