The AA unveils motoring manifesto

The AA has launched its motoring manifesto – Creating Confidence for Drivers – intended to highlight key concerns among UK motorists.

The manifesto has been introduced to voice the issues troubling drivers after its own research found that 96% of members identified the quality of roads as their top issue, 81% want smart motorways to be scrapped, 72% back graduated driving licences limiting the number of passengers, 69% fear rising motoring taxes, and 65% want improvements around EV infrastructure.

As a result, the manifesto has identified five key areas that motorists want to see addresses.

Support: addressing costs for motorists through a fuel duty freeze, better fuel price transparency and reduced Insurance Premium Tax.

Sustainability: delivering incentives, infrastructure and information to drive the switch to zero emission vehicles.

Smoother journeys: addressing the pothole crisis with ring-fenced funds and using technology for more permanent repairs, while also scrapping smart motorways.

Safety: increasing road policing and introducing graduated licences such as restricting passengers for six months after passing their test.

Strengthening the industry: greater investment in innovation and skills and introducing regulation around access to vehicle data to improve the safety, convenience, running costs and environment via connected car services.

Jakob Pfaudler, AA CEO, said: “I hope this manifesto proves informative and helps to shape a better road ahead for all drivers as we enter a critical juncture for the nation. There are 50 million people with a driving licence in Great Britain and around 40 million licenced vehicles. Driving forms a vital part of the majority of people’s daily lives whether for work, deliveries, leisure, holidays or visiting family and friends. Driving matters to them and their views should matter to us as we head to the polls later this year. Implementing our motoring manifesto will help to create confidence for drivers now and for the future.”

Edmund King, AA president, added: “The AA’s manifesto is backed by polling of our members. We know that permanently fixing potholes is the number one issue, but we also know that drivers want action on scrapping ‘smart’ motorways, improving the safety of new drivers and being given more incentives and reassurance before switching to zero emission vehicles. Our message to all parties is ‘motoring matters’.”